Wednesday, 27 July 2011

5 OF THE BEST - Dresses Under £20 from Prodigy Red

Yep, you read it right. I've found 5 fab dresses under £20 from Prodigy Red. Some of these definitely have an air of  Middleton chic about them but at these prices it's easy to try the look out on a budget. We can't all afford to regularly shop in the same stores as our new Duchess Kate now can we? My favourites are the top two belted styles as I just know they're much more flattering for my figure. Which do you like best?

Shop the latest styles from Prodigy Red

A snazzy print that reminds me of my favourite ice lolly from my childhood - the Zap. Remember it?

 Love this dress. Flared and flattering with contrasting coloured trim.
 Bodycon with some ruching to hide any minor lumps and bumps. Perfect with tights and heels.
 A rather unforgiving cut and colour, but Kate and her athletic figure could pull it off.
A lovely lace number, a bit longer in length to hide those thighs which no doubt haven't seen the sun this summer... because there hasn't been any!

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