Tuesday, 21 June 2011

SHOPPING - On My June Wishlist

1. Cinema tickets to go watch Bridesmaids again

Thanks to the fabulous Poppy Dinsey, I was able to head along to Universal's offices on Monday evening and watch a preview of the much talked about new movie, Bridesmaids. I loved the film and found myself giggling the whole way through. Starring the hilarious Kristen Wiig and a cast of other fine females, the film is filled with those moments we can all relate to. It's been getting pretty good reviews across the board - watch out for the aeroplane scene (my favourite) and close your eyes at the dress fitting scene (my least favourite). It's out tomorrow so grab the popcorn and get down to the cinema.

2. Emma Watson's Vogue Cover lipstick

I've never been a fan of Emma Watson, never really saw what other people saw when they said how stunning she was. That was until I saw this Vogue cover shot by Mario Testini. I absolutely love this look on her and I want to recreate that lip look. Is it gloss over lipstrick? Help me find out what it is so I can buy it! The brows are also to die for, for once I'm not even looking at the clothes. You can read the full article over at Vogue's website.

3. Libelula AW11 dresses

OK, so I'm slightly ahead of myself as it isn't Autumn yet (tell that to the weather!) but these dresses have definitely caught my eye - such a striking colour combo. I want them all, just look at the Audrey Hepburn chic of the dress far left. I don't think the Libelula summer collection is anywhere near as strong though so save those pennies and wait till next season.

Lager tasting at Brew Wharf

4. Asahi Super Dry lager

Yep, shock horror lots of gals drink beer and after a recent lager tasting event with Beer Genie I decided my new favourite is Asahi. It's just pipped Corona and San Miguel from the top spots. So when the sunshine does come back, feel no shame whatsoever in cracking open a can or bottle and enjoying something refreshing. Check out the Beer Genie website for everything you ever wanted to know about beer (but perhaps were too afraid to ask). I also found out that girls generally make better beer tasters, probably explains why I got 4 out of 6 in the blind taste test and the boyfriend only got 2 *smug*.

5. Kirstin Ash Chasing Dragonflies Ring

After hitting a jewellery sample sale the other day (and losing a ring down my cleavage for two hours, long story) I've become more obsessed with jewellery, just like I used to be. I'm coveting the ring pictured above which is available at Accessories Online for £55. It's got that fab antique styling that always gets a compliment. Just wondering whether I should really spend that much money... probably not.
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