Sunday, 19 June 2011

SHOES - I Love Nine West

Nine West shoes
Nine West shoes

I recently got my first pair of Nine West shoes and I have to say I've never had a more comfortable pair of heels in as long as I can remember. I usually avoid slim heels opting for something chunkier. This means no irritating re-heeling costs, but also usually means the shoes are a bit more comfotable and stable too. With my latest Nine West aquisition, the slim heel and dainty styling do not impare the wearability and comfort of the shoes. Hurrah!

I opted for the pair pictured above and I can pretty much wear them for most occasions. So far they're good for work, dinner with friends, a night out dancing - true multi-tasking shoes which make them worth every penny. I wonder if this veer towards a slightly lower heel in a brand that's more about quality than 'passing trends' means I'm getting old - what do you reckon readers? Do you have a fave pair of shoes that are your fail-safe pair for all occasions? If not then give Nine West a try...

Here are some ideal new-fail-safe Nine West shoes currently available on Spartoo...
A sensible wedge heel is really easy to wear, even if you aren't usually that confident wearing heels.

These are tall heels but with enough of a platform to make them wearable. You've also got plenty of straps to keep you feeling secure.
A slightly chunkier high heel with a sturdy platform, I'd probably be a little wary of them having no back or ankle strap though.

These are a great summer style being a paler colour, they might be next on my hit list.
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