Monday, 27 June 2011

INTERVIEW - Becky Colley of Blah Blah Becky

Another day another blogger to inspire us, and this time the blog in question is Blah Blah Becky. Read on...

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Becky and I'm a 25 year old media graduate. I currently live in Manchester but my boyfriend lives in London, which is as crap as is sounds and involves spending lots of time on trains. I write the fashion/beauty/travel blog Blah Blah Becky, which I started in late 2009.

Why did you start blogging?
After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire with a media degree I moved to London to work in the TV industry; after a year I was made redundant and had to move back home to live with my parents. I've always been a creative person and desperately needed a creative outlet - I've always loved writing and had read other people's blogs for years so it seemed like the obvious next step to start my own.

What inspires you?
Magazines, films, people on the street, other people's blogs, nature, books, travel, history... I like to keep my eyes open to new inspiration as it's everywhere!
If you had to wear just one fashion designer's clothes for life, who would it be?
This is such a difficult question! My answer would probably change season-to-season but my new and current favourite is Carven.

What are your top 3 high street stores and why?
 Definitely H&M, which is so reasonably priced and great for basics, River Island for shoes, and this season I am obsessed with Zara. I do shop mostly online though, usually from ASOS.
What has been your biggest ever bargain?
I was one of the lucky few to receive a ticket to The Outnet's second birthday sale and I managed to grab myself a Dolce and Gabbana dress for £2 - it should have been £2000!
And what has been your biggest ever splurge?
The one thing I really splurge on (although rarely) is handbags - no matter what size I am they will always fit! When I got a new job last year I treated myself to the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy. It is the most expensive fashion item I've ever bought but I will love it forever.
What is your beauty routine?
I'm a huge fan of Clinique products so most of my skincare products come from them. Obviously I cleanse, tone and moisturise and I also use an exfoliator and face mask once a week. I like to go for facials once per month, usually at my local beauty college. Make up-wise I usually keep it simple and classic with either strong eyes (kittenish 50s flick for example) or a bold lip (I'm currently favouring scarlet, hot pink and orange).
What do you collect?
Hmm I've never really thought of it as collecting but I'd probably have to say shoes!
Which celebrity would you love to dress and why?
Probably Britney - she's so attractive but usually gets it so wrong!
Which celebrity do you think has the best style?
An obvious choice but it has to be Olivia Palermo. She experiments and has fun but her style is impeccable and she never puts a foot wrong. I love Diane Kruger's style too.

What is your favourite trend of the moment?
Isn't this season just fantastic?! We're spoilt for choice! If I had to choose just one favourite trend it'd have to be colour blocking.
How do you turn around a bad hair day?
With a bold lip to distract from it and high heels to make me feel more confident! And to prevent bad hair days I swear by Frizz Ease Extra Strength and my GHDs.
What would you wear on a first date?
That would depend on where we were going but probably something feminine and modern but classic at the same time - Erdem comes to mind but I'd have to go for a high-street version! I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years so I don't have to suffer any first date stresses anymore thank goodness!

Thanks to Becky for completing the Q&A, I'm loving her beauty tips and outfit pics. Be sure to check out Becky's blog if you get the chance.

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