Tuesday, 28 June 2011

HAIR - A Lusciously Light Summer Soiree with Aussie

Aussie shampoo summer soiree

This weekend was the Aussie summer party where I got to mingle with lots of other lovely ladies who've been part of the Aussie Angel project this year. There was a mix of us from the North and the South, and we came together in celebration of lighter hair products – amen!

The 'light' theme extended to our food and drink – a healthy salad followed by our own home-made candy floss (I didn't brave trying to make it myself). The venue was amazing, Sunbeam Studios in West London, and we all had the chance to have our hair styled and be photographed.

As for the Lusciously light Aussie products, so far I've found that I do need to use a little bit more of the conditioner than usual but it does produce a clean and weightless feeling. Of course, as you would expect, it leaves your hair smelling delish just like all Aussie products.

I've been a fan of Aussie styling products for a while (I wouldn't be part of the Aussie Angel project otherwise) and the hair stylist tasked with transforming my locks gave me a soft wave. He opted for a glossy fringe, crown and ends with a gentle wave in the mid length of my hair. Tor of Fab Frocks made me laugh when she said it was a sort of 'poodle eared' look – she's right, but I sorta like it.

Check out the Uncover Aussie site for all the latest from a fab bunch of bloggers. Including Sherin of Hi Fashion below who had a go at the candy floss making...

Aussie shampoo summer soiree

Aussie shampoo summer soiree

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