Monday, 13 June 2011

ACCESSORIES - Case Mate's Phone Fashion Accessories

I recently got the chance to take a look at a range of Case Mate products up close - exisiting ones and some new and upcoming ones. I was really surprised by the sheer number of different products and solutions they had for phones and tablets. It had completely passed me by how big this area of the market has the potential to be.

For my particular phone, a Motorola Defy, there was one of the Case Mate products which stood out and that was the Kayla clutch, a super stylish purse with external phone pocket. I thought this out of everything was a real style solution. For nights out or trips to the shop, it would be easy to carry what you need without needing to weigh ourselves down with a bigger bag. In the winter I tend to keep my phone in my coat pocket but in summer I more often don't have any pockets in my outfits. We could totally see these little purse/phone combos with a chain strap to wear across the body too. It's available in several different colours and feels really nice quality too. A big thumbs-up from me.

I also got some colleagues with iPhone 4s to try out some cases...

Cassie tried the Madison quilted Swarovski crystal case and after a day or two she got a comment from a guy in the office who complimented her on it. This one is definitely for the fashionistas. The case is slimline and uses Swarovski crystal elements for some added sparkle without being overtly 'bling'. I'd be a little concerned about the pale colour getting grubby so would probably go for the black if I was choosing one for myself.

Ann tried the iPhone 4 credit card case. These are actually a very handy idea. Many people's purses don't scan their oyster cards very well. Ann suggested this would be a great way to carry around her door pass for the office, it would always be to hand. Black is obviously a popular colour choice, but there are lots more shades to choose from too. I love the burnt orange/black version personally.

Sho tried the Monsta which retails for £19.99 in the UK. The verdict was that he got more negative comments than positive although it seems to be a bit of a love/hate situation with some people really liking it. With something so novelty it's difficult to know how it will go down. I think some of the other novelty cases might get a better reception though... such as the penguin and owl versions which I thought were great. They've got the cute factor too and are slightly more subtle than this rather bright green one. Personally I loved the tactile texture and rubbery feel of the Monsta, it just made you want to hold your phone and provides extra grip too. Those are definitely features that would work with other cases too.

It wasn't all about the phones though, iPads were also on the agenda. Having not been the biggest Apple follower I knew I wasn't going to rush out and get an iPad, but after seeing the Case Mate tablet cases I now want to. I'm just all backwards, but it does show how cool the cases are. Case Mate products are already available in the UK, but expect to see lots more of them as they hit the UK with thier own website soon.

Do you use a case for your phone? What would your dream case look like? As a former aquarium worker I think this might be mine...

Case Mate iPhone case
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