Monday, 16 May 2011

WEBSITE - QRated Fashion Site Coming Soon

I've been given the heads up that there's a brand new fashion website on the horizon. QRated promises 'one fashion find a day' and you'll need to sign up to become a member and see what they've got in store. Membership is free but limited, just like the fashion finds they'll be showing off. It all feels quite exclusive so far and so I'll be keen to see how it all works once things kick off.

The good news is that each fashion find will include details on the designer, background info on the product and some handy styling suggestions. It's just another way to find web inspiration for your next look.

Anyone who pre-registers via Facebook can enter a sweepstake to win an iPad 2 or you can register your email address at and you'll be notified when the site launches. QRated have already launched a QRated blog so pop back there for a few potential sneak peeks at what's to come.

The shots in this post will give you a feel for what the site will look like when it goes live... I have to admit, I'm liking what I see so far. What about you? It seems to be taking a little bit of Polyvore, mixed with a boutique feel and a social edge.

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