Sunday, 29 May 2011

STYLE - WeightWatchers Teams up With Louise Roe

 Louise Roe Weight Watchers event

I was recently invited along to meet Louise Roe, as part of her work with WeightWatchers. She's joined the well known weight-loss brand as their style consultant and she's there to give WeightWatchers members the inspiration to dress their body as it changes shape throughout their weight loss journey.

To demonstrate how important confidence and personal styling is to those who've lost weight, Louise was joined at the event by Kelly May who had dropped from a size 18/20 to 12/14. Instead of covering up with shapeless and oversized garments Louise has plenty of tips on showing your best bits, so for Kelly May it was all about a figure-hugging style that nipped in at the waist to flaunt her hourglass shape. She looked absolutely  amazing as you can see from the picture I took above.

The WOW campaign

You may have heard that WeightWatchers changed its points system not too long ago. The new ProPoints plan has helped members lose an astonishing 3,917,270 already - that's about the same as 23,000 average sized people or 160 double decker buses. Wow!

And WeightWatchers could have guessed I'd say wow, it's what we often think when we see someone whose lost a lot of weight. Following research from WeightWatchers, it's been shown that losing weight is one of the biggest 'wow' feelings a woman can have (24%), followed by having happy kids (18%) or great friends (8%). I'd have to agree. Looking better is also about feeling better and most of us have a 'happy weight', I just need to get back to mine. Maybe I'll head along to a WeightWatchers meeting soon, a friend of mine has lost loads of eight on the plan.

Win with Weight Watchers...

As part of this exciting new activity, WeightWatchers have also launched a competition. There are a total of 5 makeovers and styling sessions up for grabs via Facebook. Become a fan of the Weight Watchers Facebook page and be sure to enter by June 27th to be in with a chance of winning. You'll need to upload before and after weight loss photos and tell WeightWatchers why you deserve to have a WOW makeover.

What makes you feel wow? Whether you're losing weight, gaining weight or staying the same, Louise Roe's hints and tips are very handy. Take a look at the video below (or the others on the WW Youtube page) for some style inspiration...

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