Tuesday, 31 May 2011

SHOPPING - On My May Wishlist

1. Whistling Cow collection swimsuit
Cowshed and Whistles have joined forces for a collaboration that sees products being cross sold in each other's stores. A print has been created that's part heart, part polka dot, part cow hoof - you decide - and you'll find the print on bikinis, head scarves and a range of Cowshed's best selling pampering products. I'm currently trying out the shower gel which is lovely, but it was that fab orange swimsuit that I really had my eye on. What do you reckon? Suitable chic for the beach?

2. Coca Cola 125th Anniversary book
I was invited along to celebrate 125 years of Coca Cola at the Design Museum recently. I am more than a fan of Diet Coke, I'm an addict, so anything Coca Cola related is right up my street. We watched vintage adverts, created our own Coca Cola caligraphy and viewed the special design installation outside the museum too. But what I was left wanting was ASSOULINE’s newest book title, Coca Cola. I flicked through the pages at the event to discover all sorts of iconic images that are said to 'have shaped our culture throughout history'. A great coffee table book and conversation starter.

3. Dazzling white teeth
To be fair, this item is always on my wish list and I'm already taking steps to achieve my goal. I've said before how much I love Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste - I'm a toothpaste and mouthwash snob, self-confessed and told by others. So I ws pleased to find out last week that they've relaunched the brand with lovely new packaging, a new ad campaign and a new product (Gum Protection toothpaste) that's exclusive to Superdrug from July. Watch out for the ads featuring retro fifties style shots of women with a dazzling smile and slogans like: "Oh dear, I seem to have slept with your husband" The smile's fake, the whiteness isn't. I love the whole tongue-in-cheek thing.

4. The Camrin Laser Cut Faux Leather Jacket by Yumi 
I spotted this super cute jacket at the Yumi press day which means unfortunately it isn't out just yet. I'll have to wait until the AW11 collection hits down. There were loads of other lovely things there too, I'll post some photos soon but Alas I only had my phone camera to play with so they won't be great.

5. Tailoring by Corrie Nielsen  
Another press day I went to recently was for PR company Flax who now represent Corrie Nielsen. During fashion week I didn't quite 'get' why so many people were citing it as the absolute highlight. That said I was still excited to see the pieces in the flesh which is what I got to do. There were a couple of items that I would love to own, mainly the fitted jackets and skirt suits. The voluminous shapes can stay on the catwalk, everything else is welcome in my wardrobe any time! Remind yourself of the show below...

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