Tuesday, 24 May 2011

SHOES - Break The Rules With Black & Brown

Wearing black and brown together is one of those old 'fashion rules' that I think can be broken. The classic example of a way that it works is with footwear. Black shoes with brown or wooden heels for example really keeps options open for accessorising. Wear black and brown footwear and you can easily coordinate a black dress with a brown belt or bag. I wear my favourite black mac with brown shoes and satchel quite often. Even darker shades of brown worn with black aren't a flat no-no anymore just like navy and black have become much more en-vogue.

To demonstrate some footwear styles that work in bringing together two shades from this dark colour palatte, see my picks below from Spartoo.

I love a wedge and the strap design on these shoes is pretty cool too. Rather than the wedge heel being entirely wooden, it's been sectioned off and covered in leather to give that subtle colour-blocked effect. Wear it with a little black dress or your fave dark denim jeans. Plus look at the price... BARGAIN!

This sturdy shoe has great appeal for everyday, or for the office if you've got a fairly relaxed dress code. The chunky buckles make it quite casual, but still cool. Heels with a slightly coned effect are still prertty popular too. I prefer to go for shoes with a chunkier heel as you don't have to keep forking out for re-heeling. Plus you don't make that 'clack, clacking' noise which seems to echo as you walk down the street when wearing stiletto styles.

Mixing wood with black leather and patent leather, plus studs and a pale pink strap, this shoe seems a bit of a mixed personality. Is it girly and pretty or edgy and tough? I think it's carrying off a little bit of both looks and this is my fave of the three pairs. It seems my selections have got pricer as I've been writing this post too, will have to start saving some pennies.

What's your verdict on brown and black shoes and which pair is most 'your style'?

All shoes featured available at Spartoo while stocks last.
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