Wednesday, 25 May 2011

NEWS - Sudocrem Skincare Cream & Bagology

Sudocrem isn't just about treating nappy rash anymore... the brand is moving into general skin care after more and more people were using the cream to keep their skin looking fresh and clear. Have you ever used it in this way? I remember it always being in the cupboard growing up, sort of a miracle cream to solve any problem skin issues. I might have to make it a staple of my beauty cupboard now... if it's good enough for Cheryl Cole then I'll, at the very least, give it a go.

To celebrate the launch of the new skin care cream and their Facebook page, Sudocream teamed up with a leading bagologist (that's someone who can tell you about your personality based on the contents of your bag). I decided to take part in the readings and here's what Debbie the handbag expert had to say about the sack full of stuff I lug about every day.

Debbie says...

The first observation I'll make is about your practical and down to earth nature. You seem to be very reliable and will do what you say you will do! Your bag is saying that you are very hands on and pragmatic too. I am sure these are qualities that you expect and look for from others. There is a strong sense coming from your bag and its contents that you can be very persistent. If I were to pick a sport for you it would be long distance running or endurance riding! Simply because if you say you'll do something you will and you seem to be able to endure and overcome obstacles. There is a hint in your bag that you may need to find some balance at the moment, in life. As well as keeping balanced, make sure you have a source of inspiration close at hand. It could be the source of that illusive balance!

You seem to be someone who can be calm and grounded. You like life to work out in a fair way and transparency and honesty will be important to you. You are someone who can gain a lot by drawing from the past - and past experiences and really applying those lessons to the current day and future. You can also afford to be a little more expressive - It is as if your bag's contents are saying you should do something practical, with your hands, that is a vehicle for your expression and will be a source of pride for you. (Sounds very exciting). Keep your eye out too for people or opportunities that fill you with a sense of vitality and optimism. You will enjoy projects or avenues that have the potential to grow! Overall, a really exciting bag and I hope a reading that makes sense to you.

So to those of you who know me, would you say that's accurate? I definitely think she got the practical aspect right and I'm always struggling to find balance in my life.

I actually surprised myself when looking at my handbag contents, I thought it all looked very dull and necessary rather than the bag contents of a budget fashionista which I consider myself to be. I'll have to try harder on that front... however, if what Debbie says is right, there's plenty of opportunites coming my way. We'll have to wait and see about that.

Let me know if you've tried the new Sudocrem in a tube. I've got some on its way to review so will be sure to report back my findings.
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