Saturday, 14 May 2011

INTERVIEW - Q&A With Lingerie Designer Estelle Puleston

Here's a little Q&A with Estelle, a 21 year old student whose new lingerie collection will be launching at the end of this month. Her lingerie website currently sells a mixture of brands but from the end of this month it will also be home to her own collection.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Estelle Puleston and I run Esty Lingerie, an online luxury lingerie boutique. I'm also studying management and French at university, studying a diploma in fashion styling and writing for a number of fashion sites such at TellUs Fashion, Black and Trendy and Unexposed Fashion.

Why did you start blogging/open your shop?
I opened the store on my year abroad in Paris as a way to fill my free time. I've always loved lingerie and the idea to open a store just came to me one morning - I set the website up and registered the company the very same day, and I'm so glad now that I did!

What inspires you?
I have recently added a number of new brands to Esty Lingerie that are run by individuals. I recently designed my first own-brand collection for the site because I saw that other people were doing it and I thought, well if they can do it then why can't I? It turns out that creating your own brand isn't as difficult as it looks, it just takes time and effort.

If you had to wear just one fashion designer's clothes for life, who would it be?
Chloé! I love McQueen too but it's a bit crazy for everyday wear, whereas Chloé do gorgeous, feminine clothes which is exactly what I love. I'm definitely a 'girly girl', except for a few days a year I put on some jeans you'll always find me in a dress or my favourite Chloé skirt.

What are your top 3 high street stores and why?
La Senza because they do absolutely gorgeous lingerie that fits perfectly and isn't too pricey, Topshop because everything is always so on-trend and well made, and H&M because you can find near-identical catwalk copies really cheap.

What has been your biggest ever bargain?
I found some vintage Escada shoes at a market for less than a fiver - and they were my size, perfect!

And what has been your biggest ever splurge?
I don't tend to spend a huge amount of money on clothes (although if I could afford it, I'm sure I would!), the most expensive thing I ever bought was probably some tan BCBG heels. They kill my feet after half an hour of walking in them but it doesn't matter because they're beautiful and they go with absolutely everything!

What is your beauty routine?
I wear make-up every day but always, always take it off before I go to sleep. Plus I use an anti-ageing moisturiser which might be a bit paranoid seeing as I'm 21 but I figured if I start now, the wrinkles will stay away an extra 5 years when I get older!

What do you collect?
Vintage dresses! I have so, so many, plus bags and shoes too. If you see a gorgeous vintage piece you know there's almost a 100% chance you'll never get another chance to buy it again so you have to snap it up quick if you want it.

Which celebrity would you love to dress and why?
The model and actress Lily Cole. She looks just like a doll! Plus she has red hair like me and I think we need more red-headed celebrities!

Which celebrity do you think has the best style?
Our new princess Kate always looks really classy and feminine.

What is your favourite trend of the moment?
Bright colours! I love how summery wearing something bright makes me feel so I've started mixing and matching colours I wouldn't normally put together (I'm usually more of a black-goes-with-everything type of girl).

How do you turn around a bad hair day?
Tie it up and no one will notice. 

What would you wear on a first date?
I've been with my boyfriend for years so I'm not really sure! I don't even remember what I wore on my first date with him. If we go out somewhere nice now though I'll always put on a pretty dress and some heels, I love getting the chance to dress up!

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