Sunday, 8 May 2011

HEALTH - Aussie Tips & Kettlebells

Aussie's Lusciously Light videos: Part 2 from 1000heads on Vimeo.

Aussie have some great tips for being healthier this summer, see the short video above for a few of them. Your hair may be your crowning glory, but confidence is the number 1 way to look good. If you feel great, you'll naturally look better. Before my holiday I'd made a vow to eat healthier and be more active but of course New York and its American food was a little stumbling block. I did an 18 mile walk for charity and am planning on doing another 10 mile one in a month to keep some motivation going.

I love working with weights much more than cardio so yesterday I bought myself a couple of kettlebells so I could fit my exercise into my daily routine. I was a member of a gym until recently, but I found finding the time difficult, even though it was just down the road. I've been walking to work (and timing myself to make sure I'm not dawdling) and this morning I also went for a jog in Regent's Park, although it's not my strong point. I need to firm up and feel better about myself... I've spent too long overeating and under-exercising. 

Shape Magazine has some great kettlebell workouts including one featuring Vanessa Hudgens. I used to get the US magazine ordered into my local newsagents because the workout routines are so much better than British magazines. Or why not take a look at Fitness TV where you can follow routines online for free. 

What's your favourite way to keep fit during the summer? 
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