Monday, 11 April 2011

SHOPPING - On my April Wishlist

I loved this watch when I first saw it at the SS11 Guess press day. I love the chunky, masculine styling but the colour is closer to flesh tone so at the same time won't overpower an outfit. I tried it on while shopping at Westfield London the other day and I wasn't sure enough about how it looked on me so didn't buy it, but am now wishing I had. I just wish my wrists weren't so skinny as I'm sure it would have looked better if it were a bit more in proportion.

Love this red, black and white lingerie set. Too pretty to be hidden under clothes.

My budget won't stretch to this dress, but I want it none the less. You'd have to have a nice toned back to pull it off too... time to get out the body scrub and firming cream if you're daring to bare this summer. The label features other gorgeous, luxury silk dresses and the founders are involved in all sorts of social projects. They're giving back to fashion and communitites who need it too.

I love my Motorola Defy, but I recently hung out with guys from Nokia and they told me their N8 phone has a 12 megapixel camera! Twitpics have never looked so good. I've since been trying out one of the handsets  and I was surprised to find that it really does almost everything that other smartphones do. As soon as app availability improves, I'd be interested in switching... if I found a good deal. It's a little bulkier than my Defy but feels pretty robust. Worth a look if you're in the market for a new phone.

Thanks to Domestic Sluttery for bringing these to my attention, they are about to go in my shopping basket. 

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