Tuesday, 19 April 2011

SHOES - Melissa's Plastic Dreams

Melissa is a Brazilian shoe brand enjoying increased success lately although it's been around for 40 years. Not only does it have several high-profile designer collaborations under its belt, celebrities love the shoes too. It's no wonder that the shoes are big sellers outside of Brazil and all over the world. The shoes are recyclable which should quiet the eco critics and the way they are produced limits waste too, in the fact that there is almost no waste at all. While you might see some other brands trying to copy what Melissa do, it's quite likely they won't be as good.

Melissa as a brand definitely gained a lot from the collaboration with Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. I know so many people who simply had to have a pair of those shoes, especially the ones with the heart detail on the front. For me, that was the moment where these shoes became a must-own for shoe lovers.

If you've never owned a pair you might be surprised to know that the shoes smell like sweeties or bubble gum and they are far more comfortable than they first appear. Katy Perry has been quoted as saying they reminded her of the smell of her 'My Little Pony' - cute.

Currently I just own the one pair of Melissa shoes, cute black flip flops with a bow detail on the front. These will be perfect for some poolside glamour this summer. They do come up very narrow and close fitting, or at least that's how I found them. Considering I have narrow feet it's worth a mention so you can guage the sizing and fit a little better if you intend to buy some.

Katy Perry wears these in blue on the cover of Plastic Dreams magazine, the editorial glossy for the Melissa brand. Katy Perry has been spotted wearing many of the styles while out and about including flat pumps, heels and Vivienne Westwood styles too. They do suit her quirky, colourful style. Have you got a pair? Do you dare go plastic?

Melissa is available at Spartoo shoes.
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