Sunday, 24 April 2011

HOLIDAYS - Packing for New York

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Well, the blog is going to have to suffer for a week because I'll soon be heading off to New York City and I can't hide the fact I'm just a little bit excited about it. I love city breaks as much as beach holidays and this is one of the best city breaks you can get. I've had so many tips from friends who have been and I'm looking forward to doing some exploring with the boy too.

I've been very good with my packing. All my washing was done early and I laid out the clothes I planned to take into outfits on my floor to make sure I wasn't taking anything I didn't need. Then grouped clothes together and rolled them up to avoid too much creasing. All my odd bits and bobs are organised into tote bags within my case, one for undies, one for chargers/electronics, one for toiletries etc. Hopefully this should mean if I have to open my case things won't be flung out everywhere.

I bought a new suitcase for the occasion, a bright pink one from Tripp luggage at Debenhams - worryingly, it matches today's outfit which wasn't at all intentional. Then there are a few handy things I've come across which have been packed too...

Packing for holiday

The Gillette Venus Spa Breeze doesn't need shave gel, you just add water and the shave gel bars do the work, and are scented like white tea too. Perfect to save taking shaving gel, the less heavy stuff I take the more I can shop when I am in NYC!

At Boots currently, when you spend £8 on Champney's you get their best of spa miniature set free. As I was going in there to buy the Champney's bath oil anyway, this was an added bonus. The little shower gel and body cream will be great for saving some space in my case.

The Style PA

Every holiday needs a signature scent that will transport you back to the place every time you get a whiff in future. Mine will be the new Guess Seductive Wild Summer fragrance which is a lighter version of the original Seductive scent that I also loved and which I took on a break to Wales before Christmas.

The Style PA

My watch broke a while back and I haven't been able to find one I love yet and was planning to get one in New York. Recently I went to a Time2 event and this retro blue Casio watch happened to be in my goodie bag. It will be perfect for getting me to my flight on time.

Enjoy the bank holidays that are left everyone, and the Royal Wedding of course. The bunting that's gone up all over the capital looks amazing. I plan on going to an all-day street party under Manhattan bridge for the royal nuptials. Should be fun to see how the American's celebrate. There will be lots of pics on my return.
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