Sunday, 3 April 2011

HOLIDAYS - Beach Ready Summer Checklist

Summer is creeping ever closer as the launch above of My-Wardrobe's summer shop reminded me... Gillette have also been in touch with some razors to kick start my grooming routine in time for warmer weather so I thought I'd jot down a few things us gals need to think about before we hit the beach...

I'm currently using the Gillette Venus embrace and have been for the past year or so. I've been happy with the results so haven't felt the need to shop around. It comes with a handy holder which you can stick on the tiles by the bath or shower to keep it clean and tidied away. I got sent the new Satin Care shave gel in my 'Get set for summer' pack and this one's Avocado Twist which sounds odd, but it smells really fresh. If you like that really clean, just showered fragrance then you'll probably like this one. When you are shaving more frequently during the summer you need to look after the skin and a good razor and shaving cream will help, as will a gentle body lotion applied afterwards.

High summer collection at Matalan

I actually have a fair few pairs on the go but I'll be digging them out pronto. I've noticed quite a lot recently that I'm caught in the sun and squinting which we all know is a big cause of wrinkles around the eyes. A decent pair of sunnies with protection from the sun's harmful rays will stop the wrinkles and any other unnecessary damage to your eyes.

Sun tan lotion
I'm a love of Piz Buin and I'm gonna get some supplies next week when I go shopping so I'm prepared for any tiny sign of sunshine. It doesn't take much to dry out or damage the skin, although I do like to use the Piz Buin poils every now and again. I find they are really good at helping me tan without burning.

Lip balm with SPF
Dry lips... no thanks. I'm currently using a fab little VitaminWater lip balm I got during fashion week. It's good to have a few on the go if you're like me and end up misplacing them.

I've never actually had a professional pedicure but am sure to do my own foot treats and maintenance at home as the weather means we get our toes out. Remember to continue your footcare routine throughout the summer as wearing sandals can cause the skin to become very dry and tougher around the heels especially. I've got a new pair of FitFlops on the way which I'm quite excited about, love going for long walks in the park wearing them... toning my legs and bum that little bit more.

Speaking with the team at Witch Skincare recently we got onto the subject of changing foundations as the skin tans. Not everyone does it, but it's actually quite important. Some people like to lighten up as the sun comes out too so you could try a tinted moisturiser instead of a heavier foundation.

Firming cream
Are you self conscious of your wobbly bits? I know I am. If you have the dedication you can make a difference to the tone of your skin, you just have to apply firming cream day and night. There are no miricle cures for cellulite, but moisturising and keeping the skin hydrated and smooth will definitely give your confidence a boost. I like Elemis when I can afford it, L'oreal when I'm saving some pennies and Dove when I'm broke.

Don't wait until it's too late, check your luggage now. I'm having to get some new luggage next week ahead of my trip to New York because my current case is not only too small, it's lost a foot and topples over if I leave it for a second. I've got my eye on something quite eye-catching like this Orla Kiely stuff from the luggage range at Debenhams.

Travel Insurance
If you're heading abroad make sure you've sorted travel insurance. It surprises me how many people don't bother with it. Madness I tell you! Debenhams has some really great deals; I've shopped around and come back to them again and again.
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