Monday, 11 April 2011

FITNESS - 18 Mile Charity Walk Round London

For the last month my sisters, 2 friends and I have been collecting sponsorship for a charity walk round London. It's all in aid of my sister Abbie's trip to the Gambia where she'll be helping kit a school out for the year by painting the curriculum on the wall and providing teaching resources. Abbie (All About Abbie) had already raised the money needed for the actual trip, so our funds were all going directly to help the kids in Gambia. We take basic learning for granted sometimes and it's so important at giving kids a chance in life. We've raised a few hundred pounds to add to the kitty and I'm really proud of everyone for putting in the effort.

I planned the route using SportyPal (a handy GPS tracking phone app) and what was meant to a 16 mile walk turned into 18 miles in the end. We couldn't have asked for better weather either. Pure sunshine all day long which unfortunately resulted in some rather ridiculous tan lines - whoops! It's something I am planning on getting the girls together for again. It's not tough to do that much walking in one go when you are laughing the whole way. If I spent one Saturday a month walking event half that far I'm sure it would be good for my health.

We kicked things off by walking through several London Parks - Regent's Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and St James's Park - then after stopping for some noodles at Embankment it was along the North Bank. It was much quieter than South Bank but just as nice. Then up past the Tower of London, through East London and along the canal back to Camden from Angel. 

Take a look at the highlights from the walk below...

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