Monday, 11 April 2011

BODY - Get Fab Feet for Summer

After the 18 mile walk on Saturday I was quite relived to have been sent some organic footcare products to try. Hot weather is not just round the corner but is gracing us with its presence right now, so getting my tootsies up to scratch is definitely on my mind.

After our well-deserved pizza back at mine post-walk, it was time to sort out my feet. I used the Neat Feet foot scrub. Beware before you get to it that you'll need to give your bath tub a good old rinse afterwards as the scrub has got all sorts in it. Almond meal, walnut shell and oats all help to smooth the texture of feet and get rid of dead skin while cayenne pepper and organic peppermint have warming/cooling properties. It smells quite strong but not unpleasant and after being on my feet the whole day in the hot weather, massaging the scrub into my feet felt like pure heaven!

After drying off my feet I also gave the Feet Relief massage cream a go. I out on a generous amount and massaged in which felt good and the smell is almost medicated. In fact, it reminded me of a medicated shampoo that used to sit on the edge of the bath when I was a little kid so it took me back. I popped my feet into some cosy bed socks and the following day they felt as good as new. The rest I'm sure helped but would recommend giving these products a go too. Thanks to Aubrey Organics for sending over, the sample couldn't have been any better timed. Now I just need to paint my toes a pretty shade - I'm thinking tangerine!

On the subject of feet, last week I went along to a launch event for new fitness shoes TrimSoles. Amanda Holden is the spokesperson for the brand and she was there to sing their praises but as a FitFlop fan I wasn't sure if they were going to compete. I've since tried a pair out and have to admit they are a very snug fit and not quite as soft as FitFlops, however, they are much cheaper. If you took time to wear them in I'm pretty sure they'd become more comfortable.

In terms of styling, they are quite chunky but I did like both the animal and snake print styles. The toe-post is a must as without them I don't think they'd grip and fit the feet quite so well. The brand also does boots which look OK - anything's better than UGGs!

You can view the range of TrimSole shoes here. Let me know what you think. At £29.95 perhaps they're in with a shot of doing really well. According the the company, 70% of people who bought a pair have come back and bought another which is a great retention rate.
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