Wednesday, 6 April 2011

ACCESSORIES - Matches Super Bright Accessories

Following on from my brights/neon blog post, this flew into my inbox from Matches fashion this week. I love the way accessories can be used to add a bold splash of colour to your outfit without overpowering the whole look. Check out the other hot accessory trends from Matches too. 

I also spotted some great bright colours in the Editor's picks from the editorial staff at Grazia. Charlie Miller chose some great Diane Von Furstenberg heels while Siobhan mallen's selection is full of fabulous hues from Acne, Lanvin, Cacharel and other great labels. 

Matches has stepped up their trend features recently so it's a great place to look for style inspiration (when you've exhausted The Style PA's tips that is... ). My-wardrobe still wins in my eyes for fashion content though. They've got plenty of it in a format that's easy to browse - I'm not a fan of full-on online magazines like Net-a-Porter. 

What do you think? Which designer website's features are the best?

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