Tuesday, 1 March 2011

THOUGHT - It's All About Heritage

It's all about brand heritage at the moment and I thought this email from Matches epitomised it. Dianne Von Furstenberg's iconic 1974 wrap dress and archive prints are being brought back to the forefront of the fashion house's campaigns. How fab is this letter from Vogue dated 9 April 1970.

Last year both Gucci and Burberry focussed on the history of their brands. Other retailers like Debenhams are revisiting and highlighting the unique selling point that has made them stand out throughout the decades - for Debenhams it was a brand campaign featuring their stable of big name designers who create diffusion collections for the department store. It's a trend that always seems to crop up around times when buyers aren't feeling that confident; does the familiarity and history of a brand persuade you to spend and put more trust in that retailer?

Talking of heritage, I was sad to hear that style icon Jane Russell has passed away age 89. What a gorgeous, fabulously-figured lady with curves to die for. An inspiration to many, even if she was a little risqué for her time. I leave you with some pics of her from movies she made...

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