Thursday, 3 March 2011

CELEBRITY - United Nude Shoes as Seen on Jessie J

Ever since I saw these shoes I've been lusting after them - more for ornamental reasons than to wear, I think I'd kill myself trying to walk in them. The hot design is a result of the collaboration between Iris van Herpen and United Nude and Jessie J is seen wearing a white pair on her brand new album art. Fierce!

Feeling brave? You can buy them at the United Nude website.

I actually bought the Jessie J album this week and love it already. There are the tracks that are already playing a lot on the radio like Do it Like a Dude and Price Tag, but I was also pleased to see Big White Room and Mama Knows Best included too. They've been tracks Jessie has performed for her audience on Youtube and I saw her perform Mama knows best quite a few times at various events in the past.

Well worth buying or downloading!
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