Tuesday, 1 February 2011

TV - Boardwalk Empire Launches on Sky Atlantic

A couple of weeks back I was invited to go along an watch the first couple of episodes of Boardwalk Empire, a show I'd head a lot about and was keen to see for myself. Along I went to The Empire in Leicester Square and we got in the mood with the dressed up ladies there to greet us.

You can watch the show on Sky Atlantic, a new channel exclusive to Sky customers showing great HBO dramas. My verdict was that is was better than Mad Men, a lot more action with gangsters thrown in and a stamp of Scorsese on it. I also spotted Mark Wahlberg's name on the credits as a producer and I sorta love him a little bit.

The fashions are of course fabulous, beaded gowns, lavish accessories, feathers and fur not to mention some beautiful bling. The men look pretty dapper too. The costumer designers have to kit out a massive cast in authentic looking costumes and it can't be easy. Clothing from the 20s is hard to come by, many of the delicate women's clothing disintigrated long ago and pieces that have survived aren't usually in great condition For the most part, researchers have had to look at sketches from the era and recreate the gowns. Even a Chanel dress was recreated from early sketches.

Read what I wrote about 1920s interior style over on the Yell.com blog

Here are some pics from our preview evening...

Boardwalk Empire preview 18/01/11
Boardwalk Empire preview 18/01/11
Boardwalk Empire preview 18/01/11
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