Monday, 28 February 2011

LFW - Fashion Week highlight, Marios Schwab

Marios Schwab AW11 at LFW

Marios Schwab, not a designer that I'd had a huge amount of exposure to before, but after this season's catwalk show I'll certainly be paying plenty of attention in future. I was so glad I made the show and also glad they changed the location from quite a cramped space to the BFC show tent. I plonked myself right on the end of the aisle to get a good view at next season's styles and I loved almost everything I saw.

Like House of Holland, pearls were a feature and they nestled within the seams and lines of the garments. The pearl becomes an 'integral part of the silhouette rather than a status accessory'. But set that against a striking colour palette including red, teal and mustard, alongside black and there is nothing twee or too prim about the overall look. The collection featured vibrant contrasts; pearls with black leather and straps, wool and buckles, shift dresses and chiffon with padded and quilted jackets. Without seeing it the description might put someone off, but the whole concept came off really well.

Schwab's calls his trademark piece a 'seductive little dress' and there were plenty to choose from in this collection. I can't wait till it's available, although I fear my bank balance won't allow for a Schwab shopping spree. Not this year at least. Look out for a new Marios Schwab website coming soon.

Marios Schwab AW11 at LFW
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