Monday, 7 February 2011

GIFTS - Valentine's Day Beauties

I don't really like too much of the mushy stuff. Teddy bears or massive Valentine's cards really aren't my thing. I like to use Valentine's Day as an excuse to spend time with the one I love or do something thoughtful for them. That said, if a gift doubles up as a fashion must-have then who am I to object. I've picked out a few faves for you, feel free to leave the page open on the other half's computer as a not so subtle hint...

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, emblazon it across your chest instead. 

One of my favourite designers is Alexander McQueen and this blush poppy scarf is romantic and feminine, making it the perfect gift.

If you're a fashionista after a marriage proposal then how cute a method would this be! 

Gardenia Fitted Slip - Myla - £89
This one is probably more a gift for the other person. Who could resist a temptress in this Myla ensemble.

Go girly and gorgeous for date night with this pretty dress from Oasis who are fast becoming one of my favourite brands for dresses. 
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