Sunday, 9 January 2011

MUSIC - Discoveries and Favourites from 2010

I love, live and breathe music. I can't workout without it, I can't get ready for a night out without it and my tastes are pretty wide ranging. Anything but Take That really. I thought I'd do a round up post on the music I discovered in 2010, and some other favourites in case they inspire you to get yourself listening to something new or heading out to a gig in 2011.

Mark Hole
This guy is really different, his lyrics are dotted with filth but set to a piano with an acoustic feel. When I saw him live he even used the book of filth to create a song which certainly raised a smirk or two from the crowd.
Check out: 'Dirty Base'.

Goldheart Assembly
Still making up my mind about this London based band band. Live they were really really good, but the album feels a lot more mellow.
Check out: 'King of Rome', 'Jesus Wheel' and 'Engraver's daughter'.

Small band on the up in London that I saw support the Pipettes in Hoxton. Have since been to another gig and will be back as soon as thy play a date I can make. The band are really friendly and deserve to hit the big time. Watch this space.
Check out: 'Quicksand' and 'Hold my Head'.

I'm a big fan of Chromeo and this electronic dance act is quite similar. House with a disco edge that just makes you feel great and makes you want to dance.
Check out: 'Can't shake this feeling', 'Runaway', 'Heartbeats' and 'Through the Night'.

iTunes festival

Marina and the Diamonds
Saw Marina perform as part of the iTunes festival at Camden Roundhouse. Had heard her stuff before but seeing the band live made me seek out the album and I love it, quirky and very cool.
Check out: 'Oh No!', 'Hollywood', 'The Outsider' plus dub step remixes of 'Not a Robot'.

The greatest fashion show on earth

Jessie J
I didn't technically discover Jessie J in 2010 as I saw her perform back a few years ago and have been keeping an eye on her Youtube channel ever since. This year has seen a transformation in her though and she's now about to hit the big time with mentions flooding Twitter and views on Youtube going through the roof.
Check out: 'Do it like a Dude', 'Mamma knows best', 'Big White Room' and 'Price Tag'.

And some favourites remain...

Levi's Shape What's to Come Event

The Noisettes
I've seen the Noisettes 4 times now. The last time was just before Christmas and they showcased some tracks from the new album which is not yet complete. The material sounds really, really good and unbelievably catchy for having heard it just the once.
Check out: 'Scratch Your Name', 'Wild Young Hearts', 'Never Forget You' and 'Saturday Night'.

The Sounds gig - Electric Ballroom, Camden

The Sounds
This Swedish pop/punk bands have been a fave of mine for a while. Looking forward to new stuff from them in 2011 - I was gutted I had to miss a gig in London that I bought tickets for becaus of rehearsals for Britain's Next Top Model Live. Hopefully they will be back soon.
Check out: 'Beatbox', 'Painted by Numbers', 'Ego', and 'Queen of Apology'.

We are Scientists - Manchester

We Are Scientists
Saw this California based band for the second time in Manchester before Christmas. Awesome, awesome performance and the lead singer Keith is hot which just adds to the experience. These guys are a really funny band too, check out their stuff on Youtube for little comedy sketches and clips.
Check out: 'Rules don't stop me', 'This Scene is Dead', 'Nobody Move. Nobody Get Hurt' and 'The Great scape'... actually, just check out everything :)

If you've read all this and think you've got a recommendation for me, feel free to throw it out there for everyone in a comment... get involved!
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