Monday, 17 January 2011

FITNESS - Get Mateivated with Shock Absorber

Last week I was invited to take part in a exercise class and to try out a Shock Absorber sports bra in the process. Since Christmas I've been trying to be a gym bunny when time allows but this class definitely showed how much you can do when you've got someone energetic encouraging and pushing you.

The class was put together and fronted by Elise Lindsay, personal trainer to Coleen Rooney and Jennifer Ellison. She's bursting with energy and made us smile, even through the toughest bits like squats teamed with throwing medicine balls . We also used the medicine balls for the abs section, used free weights to tone our biceps and triceps and threw on the boxing gloves and pads for our cardio challenge. I have to admit it's the hardest I've worked out for a long time and my muscles have only just recovered, but I am so glad I did it.

According to a recent survey by Shock Absorber, three quarters of women say that they are more likely to attend a new workout class or exercise if a friend is going and a staggering nine out of ten of females would stick to their regime if a friend encourages them. I know that meeting a friend at the gym always encourages me to go.

You can try the workout for yourself, just head over to the Shock Absorber Youtube channel where Elise will put you through your paces. All you need is a mate and some weights and you're away. The workouts are set out in chunks too so you can mix and match sections to suit if you don't have time to do the full workout.

As for the bra itself, I tried the D+ sports bra in turquoise. Most of my workout gear is black so it's nice to give my gym kit a splash of colour. It gives firm support and has a double clasp at the back to ensure your breast are held in place from top to bottom. It was explained to us how the support comes from the bottom band of the bra rather than the straps which means they don't dig in. Hurrah. As we were working out I didn't worry about bounce once, in fact I didn't even feel or notice the bra which is just what you need to feel more confident in the gym.

For a limited time there is £5 off Shock Absorber bras at Debenhams.

Something I did notice in the class was that my trainers were far too worn. They were starting to wear away at the back so this week I've ordered some new ones. I favour Nike just because the styles are most fashionable while still being performance. This pair of sneaks will soon be making their way into my gym bag... pretty.

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