Sunday, 2 January 2011

BLOGGERS - The Beautiful People

Reena & Matthew

I snapped Reena and Matthew at a Motorola launch event for the new Defy handset just before Christmas and you have to admit they both look fabulous! I'll be reviewing the new handset soon, I'm liking it a lot so far.

Check out Reena's blog Fashion Daydreams it's a fabulous read. I first met Reena at September's London Fashion Week in 2009.We bonded over Topshop and Dimsum at Ping Pong and it's always great to turn up to an event and have a girly gossip. Reena even arranged a nice little pre-Christmas blogger get together... again over dim sum (we are all obsessed). 

Matthew works in freelance PR and also blogs over here. He was also named the second most stylish man in Britain by Esquire Magazine - it should have been first! Watch out for his face during the upcoming fashion week, he's a photographer and blogger target as he always looks so damn dapper.

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