Monday, 31 January 2011

BEAUTY - Witch Skincare Challenge Week

This week, four other bloggers and I were put to the test by the team at Witch Skincare to see how their new range of cosmetics hold up in real life situations including greasy food, drink, exercise and stress. The week sounded like good fun so I had to say yes, but I was also pretty intrigued about the new range. It includes a primer, tinted moisturiser, translucent powder and redness reducing moisturiser.

Day 1
Day 1 was the introductions, we all met over some delicious cocktails at the Trafalgar Hotel to meet Nat Van Zee and have her assess our skin types.  If you ever go there by the way I can recommend the Japanese Mojito. We also met the rest of the bloggers and picked up the new products too, a selection of cosmetics designed to sit with the rest of the Witch skincare range and with the same great benefits for your skin's health.

Day 2
The challenge begins with a stress test shopping dash in Primark. We were handed £20 and given 30 minutes to find an outfit to wear on Thursday night's jazz club jaunt. I ran around and even found time to try on (although no time to look for accessories). In the end I settled on a floral skirt, black ruched shoulder top and red cardigan. Not a bad haul for £20. Before we went we met and we'd all applied some of the product. Although the heat of the changing room made me feel like I was melting, the tinted moisturiser seemed to hold up under the pressure and I didn't look too bedraggled on the way out.

Day 3
On day 3 we were challenged to a dance class at Pineapple Dance Studios and the theme was Girls Aloud. I wore the primer and my usual foundation set with powder. After an hour of pretending we were in a girl band, and me trying not to trip over my own feet, we'd actually learnt a dance routine. My cheeks were definitely rosy, but my skin still looked and felt fine. I tried some of the redness relief moisturiser afterwards and it appeared to take the edge off... although so did the cool January air of outside.

Day 4
Day 4 was more of a treat than a challenge; jazz at Ronnie Scotts in London's Soho. I've never been before and it was a great evening where we enjoyed a couple of glasses of cava, some tasty nibbles and the beautiful voice of Carlene Anderson (Young Disciples, Brand New Heavies). By this time I'd discovered that the primer was my new make-up bag must-have, hurrah!

Day 5
Day 5 and we put our skin through the trauma of a big fat burger! It was my first time at Byron burger and another chance to meet the team from Witch to give our feedback on the cosmetics range. Overall I've been impressed. Since starting the trial of the skincare products I've had no new blemishes crop up and the few I had when we started cleared up quickly. I would definitely continue to buy the primer, blemish pen and concealer as a minimum. A big thanks also to the lovely gals at 1000 Heads for organising things.

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You can read more about our adventures at the Witch website.
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