Monday, 22 November 2010

REVIEW - Beauty Treatments for Party Season

The party season is very nearly upon us, I've got my party dress sorted (it's this one if you're interested) so I thought I may as well get my face and body looking fit for it.

Eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions
I've never had this done before but have seen other people's and thought they looked fab. I managed to get a bargain from Wahanda and was surprised at how quickly they went on. It's the perfect lunchtime beauty treatment. I was told to expect them to last between 3 and 6 weeks depending on how well they are looked after. On the first day you aren't allowed to get them wet at all, and it's best avoided in general to keep them in tip top condition. Any use of moisturisers and make-up remover is likely to shorten the life of your lashes too. I was pretty impressed with the length but could have done with a few more of them. The process itself is painless and they aren't uncomfortable, the individual extensions are simply glued on to your own eyelashes for instant enhancement.

After picking up a voucher at Britain's Next Top Model Live I thought I'd give the London College of Beauty Therapy a try. The voucher gave me my first treatment at just £5 and I opted for a prescriptive facial. The therapists there are all training and are at varying points in their courses so I was concerned it would be a but hit-or-miss, but my beauty therapist was very good. It took a little longer than usual while she double checked things with her tutor, but I walked away with fabulous-feeling skin so there are no complaints from me. After all, they have to put in the hours to become fully qualified so it's good to give them the opportunity. Next time I think I'll try a manicure.

Iyashi Dome treatment
This was another Wahanda deal (seriously, I'm obsessed) so I got it for £20 instead of £55. The treatment promises on average that you'll burn 500 calories or more and you'll also produce as much as 1200ml of sweat during the half hour session. Lovely! I found the first half of the treatment fine, it didn't feel too hot as you lie on your stomach with your arms outside the chamber. For the final 15 minutes you lie on your back with the arms inside and boy does it get hot! I could feel the sweat pouring out of me. Before and after I went on the scales and had my body fat percentage taken and there was a fair difference, however I'm not convinced it lasted long. A short lived effect that is probably much better if embarking upon a course of treatments.

You can try out the Iyashi Dome Treatment at LA Fitness at the Waldorf Hilton, London. Find out more about the treatment here.
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