Monday, 8 November 2010

Influence fashion and trends through social media

I am addicted to social media (along with millions of others). It has such a huge influence on our lives including what we wear. But have you ever considered how you could use social media to influence fashion and trends? Well if you have a fashion blog that is definitely a start. Chances are that you are already having some impact (even if it is a small one at the moment) on the trends for the season ahead. Some fashion blogs are already having a huge influence on fashion.

The growth of both Twitter and Facebook has also allowed people to communicate directly with brands and designers. There are also plenty of websites and forums that allow us to discuss, comment, review, make pictures with and vote on clothes that we like. All of these sites tap into the phenomena known as ‘social shopping’ which describes the way that we interact with peers and virtual friends and how it influences our shopping choices. People are naturally nosey and want to see and hear about what other people are buying and how they are wearing it, they can’t really help being influenced to some extent.

These are all ways that anyone and everyone can influence fashions and trends making fashion so much more relevant, accessible and real to each and every one of us but recently there have been some even more direct ways that you can have a say in the clothes that you buy.
  • The Shopping Forecast (no longer live) – an exciting new website that allows you to vote and have a say on what will be in the shops for the season ahead, as well as win prizes, make outfits and discover what everyone else likes.
  • Catwalk Genius (no longer live) – if you like particular designer, why not put your money where your mouth is and buy some shares to make a new collection happen. 
  • Beta Fashions – a great website where artists and designers can submit their designs, the public can vote and the winning designs are made and sold. 
  • Threadless - a well established site where the community designs and votes on t shirt designs. 
Just last week it was also announced in The Independent that Brand Alley are launching their own platform to promote and fund fledgling talent. Web users will be able to vote and decide which designs make it into production.

These are exciting times, anyone can now have their say in the fashion industry, which can only be a good thing, ensuring that more of the clothes that we want are available to buy. For someone like myself, these developments also offer a way in which I can take my fashion obsession and social media addiction to the next level.

This post was written by Ceri Heathcote of Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog.  

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