Monday, 1 November 2010

BAG - Skull Detail Bag for Halloween

So I hope everyone had a fab Halloween, anyone dress up? I spent it watching scary movies with my favourite girls - The Amityville Horror (with a rather buff Ryan Reynolds) and a gritty Brit film called Eden Lake (not for the easily distressed). Last week I got a fabulous Halloween present though... this skull detail clutch from Crafted at Republic. It reminded me of Alexander McQueen, one of my favourite designers.

You can grab it for £34.99 at Republic now.

If you've got money to burn then this Givenchy one is a great investment buy.The simple studding is much more likely to go with the contents of your entire wardrobe. It will set you back a tidy sum though, £335 in fact, almost 10 times the price of my skull version. It's available at Selfridges if you feel like indulging.

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