Friday, 22 October 2010

STYLE - Geek Chic Take 1

Britain's Next Top Model Live

This is what high fashion looks like! Not just on the models, but Matthew and Alize (standing either side) are so damn dapper and deliciously dressed it inspires me. Not that I'll be veering too far from the high street in future, I must admit I love the freedom of buying lots and often. If I was buying designer I'd have to be super selective and I just don't think I'm ready to adapt my shopping habits just yet.

Britain's Next Top Model Live
Britain's Next Top Model Live

Here is my model, Sophie, posing alongside one of the high fashion models, they are even colour coordinated. The back of one of the Motorola Flipout handsets that the models are posing with also matches the colour of my skirt almost... totally accidental on my part, although Alize had thought of that and coordinated her model's outfit to suit. 

My new favourite colour...

I'll be posting about my entire outfit after the weekend is out, I'm still deciding whether or not I need the cable knit cardigan. It's adding to the geek/granny chic look I was going for but maybe I'll just keep it simple for the other shows. So for now, off to bed I go to get some beauty sleep for Saturday's events. Now all I need to decide is what to wear...
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