Thursday, 14 October 2010

STYLE - Britain's Next Top Model Live and Me

I've got some exciting news to report. I've been given the opportunity to style a model at one of the catwalk shows at Britain's Next Top Model Live. And how did I stumble on such an opportunity you may ask, well it's thanks to the awesome sponsors of the show Motorola Flipout. They've given six bloggers a chance to present a geek chic outfit on the catwalk and I'll be sharing the stage with the lovely Reena of Fashion Daydreams in the high street category.

Also taking part in the event are the fabulous Natasha Bailie and Frankie of Swell Vintage, doing a vintage take on geek chic, and the super-stylish Matthew zorbas (un nouveau ideal) and Alize Morand showing us high fashion styling. I'm certainly in fine company.

This week I've been throwing ideas around in my head for how I want my model to look. I think I'm at a place where I feel happy with the outfit... you'll have to wait till next week to actually see it of course, wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. All I will say is that my geek is veering towards granny chic, but I hope in a good way. Just keep an eye on all of our blogs for some sneak peeks and coverage of the event.

I'm terrible when I get a theme in my head though, and I'm referring particularly to shopping. Every time I go in a shop I've got geeky, nerdy looks on my mind and I can't seem to buy anything but items that fit the category. Luckily, it isn't really an issue because geek chic is cool and Motorola's whole Hip to be Square campaign, which they used to launch the Flipout handset, is proof enough. In fact, my fellow blogger Frankie was one of the faces of the campaign and she looked stunning (but then, she always does).

I've been thinking about how my own outfit can fit the theme and have decided to go a little bit grown-up geek. I have bought my very first pair of brogue style shoes - about time I know - and I also stumbled upon another great pair of shoes in the sale at River Island for just £15. I heart the chunky heel - delicious. The flat brogues come without laces, from our bargain friend Primark, so I think I'm going to try out using different ribbon instead of laces to give them a unique touch. What do you reckon of my first attempt?

New shoes
New shoes

So back to the event, I know most of us probably watched Britain's Next Top Model this year and at the Live Event at Excel the models will be there along with lots of other fashion, beauty and shopping fun including demonstrations and special offers. You can buy a ticket here, or why not head over to Fashion For Lunch to try and win a pair of tickets. If you end up going, do come and support us bloggers-turned-stylists at the Kiss catwalk area as we turn the runway geek chic.
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