Saturday, 2 October 2010

REVIEW - Eau Thermale Avène Make-up Remover

Heard of this brand before? I have to admit I wasn't that familiar with it before being asked to try some out. So here's a bit of background. The Eau Thermale Avène products use thermal spring water which they credit with soothing, anti-irritation properties. The brand's speciality is in caring for sensitive or allergy-prone skin types and their range includes cleansers, toners, moisturisers, sun protection and products for men too.

I tried out the Gentle eye make-up remover for sensitive eyes. I have found in the past that some make-up removing creams can sting around the eye, but I also hate the oiliness that some products can create. Luckily, neither of those problems occurred probably because this product is fragrance, paraban and oil free - hurrah!

Texture-wise it very much feel water-based and gel-like. It goes on nicely and is easily removed with a cotton pad. In terms of effects, it wasn't quite so effective as some other cleansers I've used, but once you get the right amount it seems to work well. Being 92% water, it's also recommended for contact lens wearers as it's so gentle.

The major downside of this product for me was that the smell was not very nice at all. It may well be a personal thing, but having no fragrance made it smell almost stale. If you can get past that, then great. I'm not sure that I can though, especially not for £8.95 a bottle (from Lloyds Pharmacy).

If the brand sounds like something that would be good for your skin, there is loads of info over at their website which explains all about the benefits and outlines some of the skin concerns that it can help to treat. 
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