Monday, 18 October 2010

OUTFIT - My Geek Chic Look for BNTM Live

Geek chic

So as my earlier post revealed, I'm styling a model for a Motorola Flipout sponsored catwalk show at Britain's Next Top Model Live. But, I also need to channel something geek-inspired in my own outfit. My fellow high street fashionista Reena popped round this weekend and we went and took some snaps in our geek chic ensembles - some of you might recognise the setting as Camden Market.

For the first day of the event I intend on wearing the new Oasis dress I bought in Selfridges the other day. My eye was immediately drawn to it because of that super-flattering, structured waist. I also love the twisted, slightly assymentric neckline. It fit the grown-up geek theme that I was going for, yet at the same time it felt more expensive than it was and also well designed and tailored, something that reminded me of McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.

My other outfit for the weekend is a tartan skirt and tee combo, along with my new brogues. This challenge has definitely got me thinking about geek styling and how versatile it can be. While scouring the high street I was presented with so many options of ways to take the look. It also got me thinking about the evolution of what's cool in terms of glasses. I wear glasses myself and remember as a kid desperately wanting to move away from the bigger, rounder styles of specs. I went smaller and smaller until I wore kids glasses as I felt they looked s much better. Now however, times have changed and it seems the bigger your frames the better. You only have to take a walk in Shoreditch to discover that what's considered cool is a more obvious frame not a discreet one.

To add to the news on what I'll be up to at the event, I'll also be doing some Style Icon workshops with Motorola about my life as a blogger and the great technology that makes life easier (and more fun). You'll be able to learn more about Android and the latest Motorola handsets too. My fellow bloggers... I'll have some time to kill at the show, so if you're there let me know.
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