Saturday, 16 October 2010

IDEA - Levi's Shape What's to Come

When Levi's invited me along to an event to talk about their 'Shape What's to Come' project, I must admit I wasn't sure what to expect. When I and lots of fabulous, fellow bloggers arrived it was clear Levi's had something quite big up their sleeve. Annie Mac presented a lively and interesting debate with 6 inspiring 'twenty-something' females making their name in creative industries.
  • Belfast-born Kathryn Ferguson, a self-taught filmmaker whose work has premiered at institutions including the ICA and the OnedotZero and Birds Eye View film festivals.
  • London-based Kristin Knox, the American author and founder of fashion blog  Kristin regularly lectures in art and fashion colleges around the UK 
  • Acclaimed DJ and songwriter Ikonika, a young Londoner who is crafting her own unique musical sound with unusual hooks influenced by dubstep 
  • Art director Anna Murray, founder of design agency Patternity which specialises in the application of pattern to furniture and fashion, and textiles designer Grace Winteringham 
  • Social change campaigner Justice Williams, the youngest black woman in the UK to be awarded an MBE 

And the reason for the debate?  Levi’s® is about to unveil a new global community where women around the world can network and interact with peers and mentors to help them progress both personally and professionally in pursuit of their passions. It's all about doing what you love and helping others to do the same. 

Levi's Shape What's to Come Event

The web community launches on 18th October 2010 and will give young women in the UK, US and Japan the opportunity to make connections and collaborate with like minded women, exchange advice and learn from women around the world. In addition, there'll be contributions from 20 inspiring “ambassadors” from the US, UK and Japan, ranging from up-and-coming artists and performers to young entrepreneurs.

Shingai Shoniwa, lead singer of Noisettes, American actress Zooey Deschanel and American singer/songwriter Janelle Monae will all be hosting live videocasts soon for extra inspiration. We were lucky enough to be given a special acoustic performance from The Noisttes and a DJ set by Ikonika at the event. View more of my photos here.

Shingai Shoniwa says: “It’s really exciting to be part of a community that connects creative young women across the world. It can be incredibly difficult to find the right guidance and insight when you’re starting out in the music industry so it’s fantastic that there’s now a platform for women to talk to each other about their ideas, seek advice – and help others looking for advice.”

Levi's Shape What's to Come Event follows on from the the new Levi’s® Curve ID fit system. Based on shape, not size, it was created as a result of studying more than 60,000 women’s body scans and listening to women around the world. I tried out the service and am the happy owner of a pair of well-fitting, Curve ID jeans.

Join the discussion at

"Discover the women who share your interests and passions so you can inspire, be inspired and turn it into actual connections: the spark of an opportunity, the launch of a career, or the beginning of a great adventure."

Levi's Shape What's to Come Event
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