Monday, 18 October 2010

HAIR - Undertoning at the Lisa Shepherd Salon

New hair colour

I recently had my hair cut at the London Lisa Shepherd salon and was really pleased with the results. When Jason from the salon contacted me to ask if I'd like to try their latest hair colour treatment I barely hesitated. The look he suggested was undertoning, essentially, the bottom layers of the hair are coloured in a lighter or brighter shade and it's a look that the celebrities are loving at the moment. Just take a look at Alexa Chung or Drew Barrymore for the perfect example.

This look is great for those nervous about getting their hair coloured for two reasons; the colour isn't dramatic around your face so it doesn't feel like such a drastic change and, also, you don't have to worry about your roots as only the under layers of the hair are coloured, and the colour can be left to grow out more naturally, hurrah!

New hair colour

The actual process is pretty straight-forward, your hairdresser will go through the colour options with you - I chose something warm and quite subtle but you can go for something very light for a more dramatic contrast. Then once you've agreed on a colour it's applied and left to develop. On my hair that took about 45 minutes which was actually quite nice as I got to flick through some fab magazines, something I rarely get time for these days. The London salon has a colour bar where all the colours are mixed in front of the customer, and as with any great hairdressers, the head massages are awesome. I think I'd pay for just that.

Jason dried and styled my hair and I was really impressed with how well the colour blends. You do need to have some layers in your hair to get the full effect, but the look works on everything from bobbed to bottom-length hair. What do you think, would you try this look? I'm regretting living alone as I don't have anyone to grab decent photos, but hopefully my snaps show enough. The Evening Standard website features an article that explores where the trend has come from and of course, the catwalks have played their part, but I also think that the grunge, nineties fashion trends have led to a bit of a revival in the two-tone hair style.

Find out more about the salon at the Lisa Shepherd London website and my fellow Londoners will be pleased to hear that they are open till 9pm on weeknights for added convenience.

So embrace your roots ladies, two-tone hair is back.
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