Friday, 22 October 2010

FRAGRANCE - Bliss Launches New Scent

I quite like the Bliss brand, they do a mean manicure and they've got some must-have products for firming and toning too. But a fragrance? That's new. Bliss Spa began with a simple mission: to deliver the best possible feeling in the world and this scent is meant to add another facet to that ethos. Its promise is to deliver a spa feeling wherever you are simply by spritzing yourself with the scent.

Described by Bliss...

A fresh, mood-boosting medley of vibrant bergamot, dewy cucumber, and bright florals like lily, ylang ylang and violet, this unique blend is light enough to be your signature spritz—but exceptional enough to wear on special occasions.
  • Top notes: bergamot, dewy greens, cucumber 
  • Mid notes: lily, ylang ylang
  • Base note: violet
Described by me...

The first thing I noticed was the cucumber. It's really striking and definitely a point of difference when compared with a lot of fragrances already on the market. I love ylang ylang and just wish there was a bit more if that coming through. The lily gives it a muskiness that puts me off ever so slightly. It's almost the type of scent I'd choose but not quite. In terms of weight, I think it could work for day or eevning wear. Gotta say though, I love the bottle.

Sound like your type of fragrance? It's £29 for 50ml and available from
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