Thursday, 14 October 2010

FRAGRANCE - Be Delicious is 5 Years Old

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A bottle of DKNY Be Delicious arrived on my doormat recently and although I'd seen it on the shelves plenty of times I'd never gone out and bought it before. My sister loves it and has tried out various versions of the scent which is now celebrating its 5th birthday. I have an endless love affair with perfume but I find it hard to commit to just one. I need  scent to match my mood. What's your take on that - are you a signature scent girl or do you like to have lots of different ones on the go at once?

So I got to spritzing my sample and I do quite like it. For me it's definitely a fresh, daytime fragrance rather than something I'd wear in the evening. You can smell the tangy apple notes but it's not overpoweringly sweet like some fruity scents can be. It isn't too heavy, and doesn't linger too much so it's great for the office.

Other sweet-smelling varieties added since the original fragrance launched include Red Delicious, Delicious Night and Fresh Blossom. Give them a whiff next time you're in the fragrance hall. And even more excitingly, DKNY are running a competition on their Facebook page to win a trip to New York City. Entrants have to design their own Be Delicious bottle and Donna Karan herself will select the best design. Awesome!

If you like the scent or want to try it then enter my 3rd birthday giveaway and you could win a bottle.
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