Monday, 13 September 2010

SHOES - Clarks Shoe Story Contest

Clarks has launched a fun Facebook competition 'Every shoe tells a story' and each day a winner will be selected to bag a free pair of shoes. There'll also be one overall winner after 6 weeks who will nab a £3000 Trailfinders gift card. Wow! Your chances of winning are pretty good with 7 pairs of shoes being awarded each week.

To enter all you have to do is upload a pic of you and your favourite shoes and tell the story that makes them special, unique or a favourite pair for you. Visit the Clarks Facebook page for full details.

For inspiration, here's what I came up with... 

"I remember the first pair of going-out shoes I bought from Clarks. It was for my 19th birthday and I had a big night out planned. Until then, all my party shoes had been very cheap (and uncomfortable). The theme for the evening was silver and black, all us girls were really making an effort and getting properly dressed up. I spotted these diamante strap heels and knew they would become my favourite dancing shoes, which they did. I still have them in my wardrobe now, in fact, it might be a time for another outing. They are so pretty, but, even better, they ensure I don't end the evening barefoot because my feet ache. After that, I saw shoes as something to invest in although occasionally I slip and 'quantity not quality' takes over..."

Clarks shoes from my 19th birthday
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