Wednesday, 29 September 2010

LINGERIE - The New Wonderbra Full Effect Bra

I've reviewed Wonderbra products before... I loved the Ultimate Strapless in fact. But now, there's a new bra in town from Wonderbra and I just have to tell you I love that too!

The new Full effect bra is designed to boost your bust by up to 2 cup sizes and unlike some gel-filled bras, this one is super-lightweight and gives a completely natural and rounded shape. It's pretty comfortable to wear too and although under a tee you might not really notice the size difference, if you through on a low cut top you'll be pretty stunned by how much bigger your boobs look. I don't have the smallest assets to begin with which is why boosting bras like this have sometimes been a bit heavy and cumbersome in the past, however, this one is just as easy to wear as any other everyday bra and the effects are pretty dramatic. Let's just say, my boyfriend was a fan.

To celebrate the launch of its new Full effect competition to find three stylish girls to win an amazing fashion experience as either a fashion buyer, stylist or journalist, Wonderbra has picked the brains of its judges Britain’s Next Top Model judge, Grace Woodward, X-Factor star, Lucie Jones and designer Richard Sorger to share their top tips to giving your look a boost:

Grace says: "Right now Christina Hendricks is the hottest thing since hot buttered crumpets, and boy does she have some. Christina's look though is just as hard to achieve as Victoria Beckham's, but with the help of the new Full effect bra it's not impossible. It's a known fact that guys like us gals looking curvy and now Wonderbra has the perfect way to achieve it without doing something drastic!

Lucie says: "The one item you have to have in your wardrobe whatever the season is a leather jacket. You can throw it over anything and it just gives your outfit a bit of edge. I’ve updated it slightly this season by getting a shearling aviator jacket, I’ll be living in it come winter. Equally I could not live without mascara – it just makes you look ten times better in about 10 seconds!

Lucie says: "On a night out I always make sure I choose my outfit before I start getting ready, last minute cupboard raids are just way too stressful. I always, always do my hair last, that way you can match your hair and make-up to your outfit and your whole look will look polished."

Richard says: "Transparent/sheer tops or dresses over a Wonderbra or a top that shows off your Full effect cleavage is just as sexy as exposed skin."

Lucie Jones has been signed up by Wonderbra to inspire girls across the UK with a flair for fashion.
Since signing with Select model management in December Lucie has been working as a model and is now using her experiences to inspire other girls to fulfil their fashion ambitions through Wonderbra’s Full effect campaign. See her pics throughout this post. What do you reckon?

To find out more about the competition and to enter visit The ad campaign for the bra was launched with a 3D billboard at London's Waterloo station. Check out the photos.
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