Saturday, 4 September 2010

DENIM - Levi's Curve ID Custom Fit Jeans

I was invited this week to go and be fitted for a pair of Levi's Curve ID, the new jeans designed to fit a woman's shape. The new custom fits for women come in 3 styles which have been designed to fit to majority of women. Slight curve for those with straighter bodies, Demi Curve for those with proportionate curves and Bold Curve for those with smaller waists and curvier hips or bottom.

The campaign imagery was shot in California with 3 ambassadors for the new range, Lykke Li (slight curve), Pixie Geldof (demi curve) and Miss Nine (bold curve).

Getting measured is really easy and you don't have to strip to your undies or anything like that. A ribbon is placed around the waist and then two measurements are taken. It's the difference between these that determines which Curve ID jeans you should go for. I was told I was a bold which seemed right but unfortunately they didn't have my actual size in stock so I'll have to wait a while to know whether they really are the perfect fit for me. In each store where the jeans are sold, an advisor will be on hand to measure you with no obligation to buy.

Levi's Curve ID jeans
Levi's Curve ID jeans
Levi's Curve ID jeans

Levi's say it's about shape not size and I think that's fine for the campaign, but in reality I would have liked to see some slightly different sized females. Something a bit more representative. When I went to be fitted, 3 models showed us the styles and all were extremely slim. It was harder to tell the difference between their body shapes and seeing that I was a whole lot bigger than any of them, it alienated me slightly.. But then after a bit of looking around on the Levi's website, I found some different sizes wearing the jeans too (example here).  If my jeans arrive and fit perfectly then I will be the first to spread the message and the fact they actually have addressed different sizes online (as well as shapes) ties the campaign together.

Buying jeans can be a real pain and often it takes so long to find a good pair that we wear them to death. The Curve ID jeans have subtle differences even down to the pocket detailing so that although all three look like the same jeans, the fits really are very different. Apparently, although your size may change, your overall shape generally remains the same, so once you've been measured you may be good with that Curve ID for better or worse.

The new launch comes after Levi's spent 2 years researching women's body shapes. A massive 87% of people they spoke to wanted better fitting jeans than the ones they currently have. I'd definitely be in that category. The trend for skinny jeans has made it even more important to get the fit right as 'too tight' or 'too baggy' in the wrong places and the look is ruined. The Curve ID jeans look great, they feel great and for most of the other girls who tried them on when I was there they also fit great. Fingers crossed my pair do too.

I also managed to wangle an invite to the launch Party held on Thursday. Pixie Geldof was performing with band Violet for the first time and although my expectations weren't that high, she was actually pretty good. Far better than I would have imagined. Bob Geldof was there to watch alongside the likes of Henry Holland, Jade Parfitt, Nick Grimshaw and Alexa Chung. Even Liam Gallagher made an appearance. Levi's definitely pulls in the celebs.

Also there were the other two ambassadors Miss Nine and Lykke Li so all in all it was a great evening.It was my first time seeing Lykke Li and I'll definitely be checking out more of her songs.

44365, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Thursday September 2, 2010. Pixie Geldof wears an Eminem t-shirt at the Levi's Curve launch party at Studio Valbonne in London. Photograph:

Pixie rocks an Eminem Tee

44363, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Thursday September 2, 2010. Alexa Chung and Henry Holland walk arm in arm at the Levi's Curve launch party at Studio Valbonne in London. Photograph:

Henry Holland and Alexa Chung

Want to know more about Curve ID? See the video below for the idea behind it all...

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