Sunday, 1 August 2010

SHOPPING - Tube skirts, Florals and Stripes

 Latest shopping spree

I had an urge to shop this week, I know, I know... what's new? Well, this was a fabulous baragin trip, Debenhams sale products were (and still are at time of writing) buy one get one free. I picked up a few things I'd tried on when they were full price like the floral culottes and flower motif striped top by Red Herring. Then I spotted those tube skirts at a mere £6 each and had to stock up as with the offer they worked out to £3 each. A bargain indeed.

I figured the skirts will be great for winter too as they go perfectly with a pair of black tights and pumps or boots. Always thinking ahead, that's me. Although I am going to save some pennies for a few investment pieces from the new Autumn/Winter collections this season. There's some amazing pieces to watch out for like aviator jackets, silk blouses and beautifully tailored trousers. Can't wait.

The red and white stripe dress above is vintage and I picked it up from Bang Bang Clothing Exchange on Goodge Street, London. It's so summery and was only £12 which I thought was a really great deal. I gave it its first outing on a day out to Brighton this weekend where I perused the lanes, sat and drank Mojitos on the beach and ate seafood.

Latest shopping spree

What have you been buying this week?
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