Friday, 27 August 2010

SHOES - Boots That Look the Business (and Fit Perfectly Too)

I went to DUO's Savile Row store last night to discover their Autumn/Winter collection of shoes. It was a great event, quite small but it meant that I could be walked round the collection and talked through the different styles. Everything from brogue detailing, camel colouring, thigh-high, croc effect, western inspired and traditional riding boots.

But even better than the on-trend styles is the concept behind the brand. Ever got fed up of feeling like a heffa when trying on knee-high boots? I know I have! The average calf size of boots on the high street is 36cm. Wondering what the average calf size is? Well, it's bigger than that; mine was measured at 39 and I wouldn't say I've got abnormally large calves. As I chatted to the staff there they mentioned some good points, women might have a different size calf for all sorts of reasons, extra muscle definition or perhaps just blessed with shapely calves. Just like getting fitted for a bra, getting fitted for a boot should be the norm if you ask me. Why should anyone who isn't a high street sample size be forced to substitute the style they love because the sizing options are limited?

It works the other way though, some girls might find that boots always come up big on them and for those lucky gals there's a slimmer fitting too. Sizes at Duo go from 2-9(UK) and come in 21 calf widths! The only problem for me is that I'm also quite short so my calf doesn't necessarily end at the point that the 'average' woman's does. One of the reasons that I always find it hard to get a boot to fit is actually because my calves are shorter than the boots have been designed for and therefore I need the boot to be wider further down. Boots that finish just under the knee are no good either as I can't bend my leg in them when I go up and down stairs. Oh the drama!

With my previous troubles in the back of my mind, I never thought I'd walk into Duo and be able to confidently walk around in a pair of over-the-knee boots but that's just what happened. I'm rather excited now as I've ordered my pair of Elm tan leather boots with shearling effect lining. Very of-the-moment right?! I've never owned a pair of over-the-knee boots before and when I slipped these on I was amazed that they fit so well. It didn't matter that my leg was shorter and the calf width was spot on. I can't wait to get out and strut my stuff in these babies... In fact, I'm quite looking forward to winter now so I can work the camel trend in true style (and comfort).

I also tried on the Juniper style below which I loved, but they didn't give me that wow feeling like the Elm. I love the military, zip and buckle detailing.

There's one bad thing about blogger events though, sometimes someone else gets in there first and says exactly what you were itching to say. This time it was Emily from Fashion Fois Gras, although the fact we have similar taste makes me smile and she put it all so eloquently.

Take a look at the Duo website, which pair would you go for? Duo also has stores in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Bath so if you're nearby, be sure to check it out.
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