Saturday, 21 August 2010

IDEA - Make Mine a Shandy

Shandy cocktails fun

Beer... since I've been living in London I've rediscovered beer with the likes of Belgo offering a wealth of options not to mention tasting some new varieties at the Bitter Sweet event back in March. Many people don't like beers but aren't always aware of all the things you can do with it.

The BitterSweet Partnership sent me over some of their summer shandy packs to give me a few more ideas for beer. The concept behind their 'I heart shandy' campaign is giving us gals a few ideas for a fresh summery drink that won't leave us feeling horrendously hungover and if we discover a few more things we love about the '80s in the process then all the better.

Shandy cocktails fun
My sister Abbie (she's got a blog too).

Seeing as my sisters were coming to stay and knowing that neither of them are big beer fans I decided to see if I could convert them. The recipes up my sleeve were part of a link-up with Kanaloa - that's the bar that Sarah Harding's involved with and they've been serving them this month too.

I tried the Shandy Sour and the Shandy Blush and I've included the details on recreating them yourself below. My personal favourite was the shandy blush - adding the ginger ale is a cool twist on lemonade although I struggled finding fresh raspberry juice - anyone know where I can get some without having to messily make it myself? Raspberry and apple juice wasn't quite the same.

Shandy cocktails fun

To make a Shandy Sour:
  • 1 whole lime cut into 8ths (cubed)
  • 25ml sugar syrup 
  • 140ml light premium lager
  • 100ml lemonade
The method for making Shandy Sour is straightforward: simply muddle lime and sugar syrup in the bottom of a 14oz catalina glass, fill with crushed ice and pour in remaining ingredients. Garnish with scored lime wedge.

Shandy cocktails fun

To make a Shandy Blush:
  • 15ml Fresh Raspberry Juice
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • 165ml Kasteel Cru Rose
  • 100ml Ginger Ale
To make, simply churn all ingredients with crushed ice in a 14oz catalina glass (tall glass) and garnish with two raspberries and an apple fan.

There are a couple more shandy recipes you can try over on the BitterSweet Partnership website. So were my sisters converted? I think they, like me, preferred the Blush cocktail because the tase of the beer didn't over-power the fruitiness. The sour one is more for someone who is already a beer lover. I can't wait to give the cherry version a go though, I'm pretty sure that would be my ultimate shandy cocktail.

Here are some pics of my sisters and I channelling our inner '80s girl and playing cards in our rather lurid, plastic visors. Seriously, you'd think the fun never stopped at my place eh? No? Oh alright then maybe not, we enjoyed ourselves though. The fact that my nail polish matches my place mats is entirely coincidental by the way, I promise.

Shandy cocktails fun
Abbie and Fay get to sipping my shandy creations.

Shandy cocktails fun
Rome playing cards with pictures of various popes as the aces - random!

Shandy cocktails fun
Wearing all three visors at once so you look like a flower? Awesome idea!

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