Sunday, 18 July 2010

EVENTS - A Week of Fun

I love busy weeks with fun, friends, food and drink. This week has definitely been one of those for me. Here's how it panned out...

Wednesday: A half day off work to meet my sister who came to London for some fun. We lunched at Prezzo, checked out Camden's finest charity shops (while being chased by the rain) and had a wander round Camden's Horse market. My sis Abbie bagged herself an amazing vintage, floral dress. In the evening we sought out a suitable dessert and found it in the form of Frae in Angel - you have to try it, the frozen yoghurt sold there is amazing (if a little expensive).

Frae organic frozen yoghurt
Frae organic frozen yoghurt

Then it was off to see local band Safari at Brick Lane's 93 Feet East. Check out their music on Myspace, it's fab. I swear they sound like they have been together for years. The music is really commercial sounding but different enough to make you take notice when confronted with a new band a minute.

Safari on stage

Thursday: Date night! I'm a lucky girl as a certain gentleman treated me to raspberry beer at Belgo near Holborn followed by tickets to see Thriller Live. The first couple of numbers didn't do the cast justice, but the rest of the show was fab. The highlight had to be the Jackson 5 songs where the youngest  singer in the show was a perfect sound-alike for the early Jackson vocals. Throw in all your favourite MJ songs and that equals 2 hours of fun. It's currently starring Zoe Birkett who wowed on Pop Idol with her Big Band performances in the season won by Will Young.

Thriller Live

Friday: Blogger meet-up at Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch. Fabulous company in the form of some beautiful fashion bloggers made the evening and the master mojitos and dim sum just added to the fun. Read Lira's account, it's much more detailed than I could manage... It was great to catch up with some faces I don't get to see that often though. Natasha Bailie, Frankie of Swell Vintage, Tor of Fab Frocks, Reena of Fashion Daydreams, Kristabel from I want You to Know, Fiona from SOS and many more old and new faces. I called it a night after some dancing at the Electricity Showrooms near Hoxton Square although a few of the lads and ladies were in it for the long haul.


Saturday: I checked out the Lambeth Country Show. I love free events, especially when the whole community comes out in support. Me and some friends drunk cider and sat in the park watching the free music with the likes of Miss Frank performing. It wasn't quite Lovebox, but it was a nice way to kill a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

Sunday: I went to the cinema and watched Inception. It's odd, hard to get your head round at times, but still really action packed and exciting to watch. Plus Leo still looks pretty hot in it. It was my first time at Brixton's Ritzy Picturehouse and I'll definitely go back. Screen 1 looks like an old theatre inside rather than the usual corporate square box of a screening room.

Phew! This summer is getting busier and busier. I love it.
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