Sunday, 13 June 2010

SKINCARE - Melvita for Mother and Baby

One for mummies and mums to be, this post is all about the fabulous new mother and baby skincare range by Melvita. I was invited along a few weeks ago to give the new range a try and learn more about the idea behind it and ingredients used.

So who are Melvita? You may not have heard of them in the UK but they are a household name in France and French women have been trusting in Melvita for all sorts of skincare needs for over 25 years. Melvita are organic experts and work very closely with suppliers to ensure that ingredients meet the very high expectations of their customers. The new mum and baby range takes this to new heights and products are...
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Allergen free
  • Alcohol free
  • Free from essential oils
  • Formulated under paediatric control
  • Dermatologically tested
Top of the 'to buy' list is probably the changing cream which creates a barrier to protect from nappy rash while soothing and softening. The cold cream soap also stood out as we tried the products. I was interested to learn the method used to make the soap. Many ordinary soaps are not properly compacted and are instead just poured into moulds. This is what leads to the breakdown of the soap when it gets wet. Melvita heavily compress their soaps to make sure they always hold together and this also means that a £5 soap will last you for ages and ages.

I tested out all the products on my hands and left the session with the most fabulous smelling and smoothest feeling skin. Each product does have a slightly different scent depending on the ingredients which again is testament to the quality of the natural ingredients. 

I've often heard people talk about the benefits of baby massage as it helps mother and baby to bond and also is great for baby's skin. The £17 massage oil in the Melvita range was something I'd want to steal myself making it a multi-tasking product for adults and little ones alike. Not to be outdone, mums get the pampering treatment too with products like a stretch mark prevention cream and body milk.

I took away a few goodies from the day which I passed on to one of my best friend who's just welcomed her little one, Archie, into the big wide world. He'll be testing out the shower shampoo and changing cream while mum has the pleasure of testing out the nipple balm.... I don't envy her and all that breast-feeding!

There are over 300 products in the wider Melvita range so if you've not considered the brand before, perhaps now is the time to take a look. Every single product is certified organic by ECOCERT, there's even food supplements to complement the skincare essentials.
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