Sunday, 13 June 2010

GADGET - Wacom Bamboo Interactive Tablet

I'm known as a girl who loves gadgets so when Wacom approached me to introduce their Bamboo tablet I was intrigued.

I spend a huge amount of time at my computer, at work and at home. I've already switched my conventional mouse at home for a vertical one to relieve RSI so the tablet idea appealed to me. With the iPad and smart phones bringing touch technology even more to the forefront the idea of using a tablet, I think, will become more of a mainstream idea.

So why is it good for a fashion blogger?  I've been messing around doing things like this...

If you've got Windows 7 like me then lots of the programmes you already use will have integration with interactive tablets like this. You can even use it to draw pictures to your friends on messenger services. The Tablet also comes with something called the Bamboo Dock which includes useful applications and fun tools and games to help you get the most out of the tablet.

Are you a big Twitter user? There's a little app called DrawTweet so you can easily upload your doodles to Twitter. General photo editing is also easier to do with a tablet than with a mouse and with the Bamboo you can rotate and zoom in or out with quick finger movements. I found the tablet to be really responsive and it's great that with my model could use the touch of your fingertips or a pen.

The looks of this gadget are spot on. It's sleek, slimline and available in black or silver so it will fit with your existing kit. When I'm not using mine it slips easily into my desk draw and in terms of setting it up it couldn't be easier, USB plug and play.

It takes a little getting used to in order to really get a feel for using it but once you have it's a really good alternative to working with a mouse and great for personal edits of images. That's what I'll use it for most.

Find out about all the available Bamboo models at the Wacom website. Prices start from
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