Thursday, 27 May 2010

STYLE - My new Favourite Tee

This week I'm mostly wearing this tee by Blue Inc. The burn-out design on the fabric is something I've spotted at a few press days too so you could be seeing a lot more of it come AW10. The fabric on this vest is quite thin, so I've been layering it over a strappy vest. It would look even better over a bikini top for a festival, with some denim shorts. And at £9.99 you could afford a new one if it got scummified my a muddy festival.

I'm a lucky girl that I get sent freebies to review occasionally, and I find it really interesting to judge the quality of products from cheaper brands like Blue Inc. I should also mention that I choose the products I feature on this page, they aren't things that are just randomly sent to me and that I'm obligated to write about. I try to only feature things I like which is why my reviews are usually positive. In this case I can see myself wearing the top loads and it seems to have come out of the wash in the same state it went in. Hurrah! One thing you can't see from the picture above is that there are little crystal details on parts of the cityscape. They could really do with showing that better in the product imagery.
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